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Our Principles

The following principles underpin the work carried out by the Allerdale Investment Partnership.

  • Allerdale Borough Council and the founders and owners of IAG are equal partners in the Allerdale Investment Partnership.

  • Both partners will have an equal say in the decision making and governance processes.

  • The Partnership will arrange and manage appropriate exits to operators to deliver housing, food or other retail, commercial or employment opportunities.

  • The Partnership will be able to enhance sites or meet strategic community objectives to ensure that a borough or town continues to be an attractive and sustainable place ‘to live, work and play’ and meets the needs of families and employers.

  • The primary business of the Partnership can be said to be supporting the delivery of the Council Plan (and other specific Council priorities from year to year), through the delivery of land investment plans.

  • Over the life of the Partnership further sites and opportunities will be identified and benefits realised.

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